Wanton Wednesday….is going offline for a bit

January 4, 2011

Hey folks – I’ve decided to put WantonWednesday on a bit of a break, as I’m just overwhelmed by too many things going on.

If, however, anybody else would like to take over the simple hosting and minor Twitter promoting for a little while, I will gladly add you to this blog so that you can do so. Just comment here or email me!


ETA: Thanks for those who volunteered  – pretty much the second I announced it on Twitter, Violet volunteered and so she’ll be running things for a little while here. Thank you Violet!!



  1. I am up with my first Wanton Wednesday of 2011. It has romance and punishment all rolled into one


    I am more the happy to run Wanton Wednesday for you until you wish to return to it.


  2. Lilly, thanks for all the Wanton-ness you have brought to our lives. And Molly, thanks for making sure we don’t go a week without it. You are both amazing!

    Catch my latest bad behavior — and nipples in a net — at http://www.dykedecade.com/2011/01/nipples-in-net.html

  3. After some time off for good behavior, I am back and worse than ever… LOL!


  4. Thank You Lilly & Violet!

    Welcome To Wednesday & 2011 Y'All
    All T Best For A Very Sexy Strong Year


  5. I’m up, and sparkling for New Years!


    xx Dee

  6. Better late than never, I am up with continued wantonness from Chicago: A Mouthful. http://piecesofjade.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/wanton-wednesday-a-mouthful/

  7. I haven’t had a chance to get organised and participate, but come next week I’ll be getting all Wanton with all of you and begin hosting duties.

    Thanks Lily for letting me act as hostess whilst you take a break

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